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Gallatin County 911 Now Offering Online Records Requests

The Gallatin County 911 Records Division is happy to now offer an online portal for citizens to

make requests for records from the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office and Bozeman Police


The new online portal is a user-friendly way to request documents on the go from your phone

or from the privacy of your own home.

Using the new portal, citizens can regularly receive updates on the status of their records

request, get requested material via email, and make payments online.

Records that can be requested from our department include reports from BPD and GCSO for

things like accident reports and any other reported law enforcement incidents.

Depending on how a person is listed on a police report determines what records that person

can have.

For criminal matters, you can request copies of reports that contain the general nature of

charges, location, information about the accused, name of the victim (unless it was a sex

crime), and identity of a witness (unless the witness has requested confidentiality).

However, some criminal records are considered Confidential Criminal Justice Information (CCJI).

This includes things like criminal investigative or intelligent information, fingerprints, and

photographs related to ongoing investigations.

To receive this type of information, you must fill out a CCJI request, also available on our online

portal. Those requests are reviewed by attorneys and judges to determine if the material will be


To get a copy of a report generated by a different agency (including Montana Highway Patrol,

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and the police departments in Belgrade, Manhattan, West

Yellowstone and Montana State University), contact those agencies directly.

Our department also does not retain court records. If you're looking for court documents such

as citations, affidavits and court dates, please reach out directly to the court that is involved.

The new Gallatin County 911 records portal can be found here.

All records at $2, plus potential additional fees that include:

- $0.50 per page after the first four pages

- $10 per disk of media is needed

Records requests can continue be made in person at our office in the lobby of the Law and

Justice Center, located at 615 S. 16th Ave. in Bozeman. Our window is open to the public

Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM.

If you have questions or need more information, please call 406-582-2005.