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Education Foundation Awards 2022 Teacher Grants

There were plenty of smiling faces last week with the Three Forks Education Foundation awarding their annual Teacher Grants.

A total of $6,721.63 was awarded December 15 to nine Three Forks teachers.

Kimber Mook was awarded $800 for flexible seating.

"We are going to do some new tables with the bouncing balls and the wobble stools, just to kind of give them the ability to move around a little bit while they are trying to focus and just to kind of help with the attention," Mook said.

Katie Magnus and Jessica Oehmcke were awarded $500 each and are sending two teachers to the Simply 'Irres-ISTE-ble' Technology Conference in Philadelphia.

"We're both going to send two other teachers to the conference. We had the best time," Magnus said.

Kerri Moore was awarded $471.63 for the library.

"We have the Digital Academy kids who are in here every period, and typically they sit at the tables, but I was able to purchase last year some comfortable chairs with little tables, and the kids love sitting in those comfy chairs. So I am just trying to get more so we can kind of spread out and make it a little more appealing and relaxing. Most of the kids' race to get in here and get to the chairs," Moore said.

Candice Wooten was awarded $500 for a Special Education iPad

"We are going to use the grant to purchase an iPad so our students can do their teletherapy or occupational therapy online," Wooten said.

Tracy Welter was awarded $500 for a Frisbee Golf Course.

"With the grant I plan on putting in a 'Folf Course' around the school area in the back. Will all the construction, we lost a lot of space for our PE kids and so I figured it would be a great addition for our PE curriculum to have actual targets instead of the makeshift buildings and fences and stuff that we have used in the past. It can be used by the community as well," Welter said.

Connie Olsen was awarded $500 for shop equipment upgrades, and Ian Schilf was awarded $1,000 for a wood planer.

"Mr. Schilf and I got $1,500 dollars and we purchased this new planer for our woods and industrial arts program. It was $3,500 to pay for that, I am excited about it. This grant will help us a ton with the cost. I see Mrs. U (Rhonda Uthlaut). I see her smiling too. It is probably a relief for her, we didn't plan on the old one breaking down, and this allowed us to purchase the new one, so we really appreciate it," Olsen said.

Cathe Felz was awarded $1,000 for A few Words about Cooking and $500 for adding STEAM to FCS (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Three Forks Education Foundation

The Three Forks Education Foundation enriches education in the community through the investment of time, talent, funding and resources. We provide students, staff and the community unparalleled opportunities. The Foundation directs its resources towards:

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