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Coaches Corner: Word for the Year

For the last several years, my husband and I have chosen a word for the year. The WORD we choose allows us to set our intention for the year. Your WORD is a powerful reminder to stay focused on your goals. My WORD and my husband's WORD are printed in capital letters on my monthly calendar. We get to look at it every day. It triggers something positive in your brain and helps you stay focused.

Over the years, many of us, including myself, would set a New Year's Resolution. The problem with New Year's Resolutions is that we are "all in" at the start of the New Year, and suddenly, by the end of January, we have forgotten about our New Year's Resolution. Time gets in the way, and we lose momentum, are too busy, give up because it's too hard, or maybe decide our goals are too outlandish to accomplish. Whatever the reason, I have found that New Year's Resolutions do not work. I have had great success with just choosing a word for the year.

Some may be asking..." how do you choose your word?" There are many ways to choose your word.

A particular phrase or word will come to mind over and over throughout the year. Some may pray and ask God for their WORD. Others may choose self-reflection in obtaining their WORD for the year.

I will share how I chose my WORD for 2022, "Capable." Without going into many details, it was during some self-reflection time this past year. I dug deeper into my limiting beliefs, where they come from, and why I have them. I soon realized that one of my core limiting beliefs was incapable. Trying to figure out where that limited belief came from, I began to process many different layers of emotions. With the help of some coaches, it finally hit me where it came from, and it stems back to age 11-12. I never thought of myself as being capable of achieving my dreams. The core belief, "incapable," was so deep-rooted into my subconscious that I wasn't even aware that it was there. I began to replace those limited beliefs with words of affirmation.

I am capable, and I am smart, I am strong, I am enough, I am loved, I am worthy, I am valued.

"Capable" was the first word that came to mind in November when I was journaling and that word just kept coming to me, so I knew at that moment that my WORD for the year is "Capable."

Here are a few ideas for coming up with your Word if this resonates with you.

First, just breathe...take three deep belly breaths. Make sure you are in a quiet place to meditate on what is coming to you. I usually put on some soothing & relaxing music. Be sure to set your intention that you will receive your Word. Trust that it will come to you; you will know it when it comes.

Below I have some questions to ask yourself, or you may come up with your own. If you journal, write the response in your journal. You will begin to find a common thread or pattern. If you don't enjoy journaling, talk to someone close to you and talk about different words that may help you stay focused in the coming year. They may help you with choosing your word.

What or who are you grateful for? Where have you found peace? What do you dream of achieving one day? What is a challenge you want to overcome? What are you passionate about and want to do more? What do you want to let go of? What is most important to you? What does this world need more of?

Once your Word comes to you, be intentional with your Word. Create a vision board with your word, post it where you can see it daily, paint a rock with your Word, and have a T-shirt inscribed. Be creative, and the possibilities are endless.

Live your WORD. Take action on your word. Don't make it complicated; focus on your Word...keep it simple.

I have my word for 2023...and would love to hear about yours.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~ Socrates

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