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School Board wraps up for the calendar year

The Three Forks School District Board of Trustees hosted its final meeting of 2022 before the winter break, discussing topics such as the ongoing bond project, coach resignations, and surplus sales.

Andy Becker, the bond project manager informed the board that, so far, $21.4 million have been spent in total on the project and that some projects are wrapping up.

The north administration offices and high school classrooms are expected to be reading for finishings by Jan. 16; meanwhile, the south high school classrooms and other spaces will be ready in late February.

Renovations and demolition will continue in the middle school and the old gym, respectively.

Although not part of Becker's bond report, District Superintendent Rhonda Uthlaut told the board that the playground's surfacing material was delivered and that the equipment was en route to the school.

Elementary School Principal Steve Fanning then clarified that the surfacing material was en route from North Dakota and chose to reschedule delivery until January. Manning added that the playground equipment is being held by the manufacturer until the school has a place for it.

During her report, Uthlaut mentioned that the district had received two coaching resignations: Bobby Lauver as assistant tennis coach and Tracy Welter as head track and field coach.

Lauver was later approved as a volunteer coach, citing family commitments as the reason for stepping back.

"It's just tough on the family with both Janna being the head coach and me being the assistant," Lauver said, referring to his wife.

As for Welter, Uthlaut said that she had been the head track and field coach for 28 years and was "very appreciative of the time she's had with her athletes."

The board did not discuss opening or advertising the positions left vacant by the resignations during the meeting.

With construction ongoing, the Three Forks School District has accumulated a variety of "obsolete, surplus" items and arranged to sell them. Previous sales have included boilers, lockers and a freezer and brought in approximately $10,000, according to District Clerk TK.

The funds will be deposited into miscellaneous and building funds to help cover the costs of painting lines on the flex space's floors and basketball hoops, TK said during the board's discussion on whether to approve the deposit of the funds.

Middle/High School Principal Greg Heys said someone was looking for lockers and questioned whether any remained on sale. Uthlaut responded saying that all surplus lockers had been sold, repurposed or disposed of.

The board approved the additional sale of three desks: two made of oak and one metal desk. Uthlaut said the desks will be available for viewing in the office spaces.

The desks will be replaced by built-ins in the new admin offices.

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