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TF Schools Adult Education Program to start on February 13

The Three Forks Schools are hosting their annual Adult Education Program next month.

The program will start on February 13 and run for eight weeks.

According to Program Director Tyler Palmer, they will be offering 19 classes with four first-time instructors, which he said is exciting.

"Our new building has afforded us additional resources to offer classes like soccer and cooking that we were previously unable to provide to the degree demand warranted. I will keep the online registration portal open until early February, as instructors will need a few days to plan and prepare relative to their enrollment numbers," Palmer said.

Class descriptions and registration can be found at The cost for all classes is $20 and can be paid at the high school office.

Some courses will also have a material fee that will be paid directly to the instructor.

"This program has been such a success for all involved. It is a cost-efficient way for folks to learn and participate as students. The instructors have a chance to provide a resource and, in turn, make some additional money," said Palmer. "And for the district it is another opportunity for us to steward our building and all that it affords our community. We are duly excited this year for participants to have hands-on access to our beautiful expansion project."

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