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Gallatin County Sheriff Springer reports increase in spam calls

Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer would like to increase awareness of recent phone scams involving our office.

It appears these scams occur in waves every few months. The caller says they are from the Sheriff's Office, may even use a deputy's name, informs the victim that they owe the GCSO money for some reason, such as a warrant, unpaid ticket, not showing up for court, etc. and tells them to get gift cards and/or money to send over the phone in order to avoid arrest.

Please know we will NEVER request money or gift cards. Any payments related to law enforcement or the jail go through the courts, never our office.

These calls can look and feel very convincing. It is easy to clone the GCSO phone numbers and deputy names are publicly available, so the call may look and sound like it comes from the Sheriff's Office. Please keep in mind that we do often contact citizens for paperwork that may require personal service but again, we will NEVER ASK FOR MONEY.

If you receive a call asking for money, hang up immediately.

Scammers will be insistent that you stay on the line, which prevents you from thinking through their demands or calling someone else. If you have any questions or concerns about a call that appears to come from us (or any other scam), call 582-2100 and leave a message; we will return your call promptly.