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MDT installing rough road markings

Last week, the Montana Department of Transportation lowered the speed on S-287/Old Yellowstone Road from 60 to 45 miles per hour on the route between Three Forks and Willow Creek.

According to MDT Public Information Officer Lori Ryan, local crews are working on installing rough road markings and temporary speed reduction signs in an effort to serve constituents in the highest capacity.

"MDT is aware there are frost heave issues on the S-287/Old Yellowstone Trail Road, and we are also aware that due to the extreme conditions experienced this season, they are generally more severe on all routes throughout the area. At the request of the public, MDT has looked extensively at this route and determined that with spring thaw coming these frost heaves will begin to lay back down and smooth out," said Ryan. "The permanent solution would require a large-scale reconstruction project to address drainage and subgrade problems to repair the roadway, and currently the maintenance budget does not have the capability to cover a project of this scope."

After the temporary speed limit is lifted, Ryan said signage would recommend that drivers reduce their speed voluntarily for the conditions.

"Unfortunately, allocated maintenance budgets are very limited in options that can be done and are designed for general maintenance items," she said.

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