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Three Forks School Officials seek public input on courtyard projects

The new construction at the Three Forks Schools has created five fully enclosed courtyards in a variety of sizes that need designed and landscaped into usable spaces. School officials are beginning the design process by looking for ideas from our school and community members.

District officials are asking residents to fill out a survey for their ideas about how to utilize the courtyards. A link to the survey can be found at and on the district Facebook page at

The link can also be accessed directly at


What are some design features that should be considered for the courtyards? Have you seen some beautifully designed courtyards, inside or outside of the educational setting? Sample ideas include a garden, a putting green, or an amphitheater.

What do you see these courtyards being used for? And by whom? One idea is to design at least one with the idea that prom could be held there. Maybe they could be used for community events. What other activities should we consider?

Maintenance and upkeep are two overall characteristics that will be considered when choosing designs. Other examples would be visually appealing and inviting. What are some other criteria or characteristics that we should consider?

Do you know any individuals or businesses that would be interested in participating in this process? Are you one of those individuals? (We are not asking for bids or contractors at this point, but simply seeking local expertise or people willing to guide or participate in the process.) Please include contact information and how they would best serve in this process.

Is there anything that we missed that you think is important to consider? We want these spaces to be used and appreciated.