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Broadwater County Trust Board Major Supporter of Local Recreation

Broadwater County, which includes its county seat of Townsend, sits nestled between the Big Belt and Elkhorn Mountains. It offers a myriad of activities and recreation opportunities via access to the Missouri River, Canyon Ferry Lake, Fairgrounds, and many city parks. The Broadwater County Trust Board (BCTB) has been working diligently for the last 22 years, in conjunction with other boards and organizations, to enhance these recreational opportunities for the residents of Broadwater County and its visitors.

The BCTB was established in 2000 by P. L. 105-277, which created a permanent trust, managed by a three-to-five-member Board appointed by the County Commissioners.

The Broadwater County Trust is a 501c3 not for profit entity. As such, it can accept monetary gifts that can be added to its principal corpus or to its expendable account for project expenses.

Current board members are Chair Steve McCullough, Vice Chair Kim Kondelik, Virgil Binkley, Doug Breker, and Al Christophersen. The BTCB meets monthly to receive, discuss, approve, and manage grant applications, which satisfy the criteria set forth In the Trust's by-laws. These criteria can be found on the Trust website at

The BCTB has collaborated with the City/County Recreation Board, Fair and Rodeo Boards, Old Baldy Golf Course, and Broadwater Rod and Gun Club and has supported the BOR/County agreement for the Silos Recreation Area. While not all grant proposals are funded, the ongoing review process helps the BCTB clarify its guidelines for grant applications.

During the past few years, projects that the BCTB has funded include:

• Partnering with five other entities to fund the Master Plan development for the Silos Recreation Area

• Funding the Master Plan development for the Fairgrounds

• Completing of the BOR/County acquisition of the lands between Old Baldy Golf Course and the Broadwater Rod and Gun Club and baseball fields

• Completing upgrades to the Search and Rescue building

• Funding the Search and Rescue organization to help procure an ATV track system for all season use

• Helping fund the Science, Technology, Outdoors, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship (STOKE) organization Skatepark

• Funding a flat bottom jet boat for the Search and Rescue

• Helping to fund the new restrooms and wastewater system for the Fairgrounds

• Helping to fund renovation of the 4-H building of the Fairgrounds

• Helping to fund the new 4-H livestock sale pavilion at the Fairgrounds

• Helping to fund and oversee the clearing of the Broadwater Bay low water boat channel

• Helping to fund and oversee the re-building of the Broadwater Bay boat launch parking lot and dust application treatments

• Funding for Old Baldy Golf Course

To date, the BCTB has granted over $2.2 million dollars for recreational improvements.

The BCTB's current projects include the Holloway Park Pavilion, Fairgrounds Restroom Project, 4-H Livestock Pavilion, and 4-H Shooting Sports Project.

BCTB welcomes ideas and proposals from the public to improve Broadwater County recreational facilities and their use. The BCTB usually meets the second Tuesday of every month at 11:30 AM. Monthly meetings are posted on the Broadwater County website at Grant application forms can be found on the BCTB website at

Broadwater County Trust Board