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School Board Candidate Profile: Travis Short

Could you please give a bit of background about yourself?

Hello, I my name is Travis Short, and I am running for Three Forks School Board. I am a 4th generation born and raised Montanan. Grew up in a small town and loved the small town atmosphere. I have 2 children in the Three Forks Elementary. This is one of the main reasons I want to run for school board.

Why did you choose to run and what qualities would you personally bring to the board?

I want to help have a positive impact on our next generation of kids and give them every opportunity to succeed and prepare them for their next journey after school. I have had the pleasure to coach multiple youth sports in Three Forks and have been able to get to know a lot of the families. I recognize what these kids are excelling in and what they are behind in, and not two kids are the same. I feel this gives me a unique perspective I could bring to the school board.

What are the biggest challenges for the district, and what is the district doing well?

Some of the biggest challenges the school is facing is hiring specialized teachers, teacher retention, and student growth. We have been able to address the student growth by passing the school bond to help build more classrooms but now we need teachers for those classrooms. I feel, we as a school district, understand what the school needs to help our kids become more successful. Now we just need the proper leadership to help get us there. This is where I feel I would be a great choice for your vote for school board. Thank you for your consideration.