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Three Forks City Council adopts ordinances

Last week, the Three Forks City Council approved three ordinances on their second readings, meaning these edits/additions to the City ordinances will take effect as law on May 12.

• Adding a definition of “Meeting Hall” to the Zoning Code. Meeting Halls are a permitted use in the Central Business District, as are lodge halls, but were not defined as to what exactly that would entail. The definition has been added as, “A building or part of a building used for the assembly of persons for singular events such as conferences, religious function, catered occasions, special events, club meetings, music venue, philanthropic purposes, and other such activities.”

• Amended the Chicken Law to implement an annual inspection of the permit holder’s adherence to the original permit, including adding a recommended $10.00 annual renewal inspection fee. Those who have had already held chicken permits for more than one year will be contacted to schedule an inspection by the Code Enforcement or Sheriff Resource Officer. (The fee of $10.00 is scheduled to be added to the Fee Schedule on the 5/9/2023 agenda via resolution.)

• Amended the garbage can ordinance to better define the style of “cans/containers” allowed and to include a frequency for hauling it to the dump if you do not use a service provider. Essentially the Council is now allowing trailers (like old truck beds which are used throughout town already) so long as they are covered at all times to prevent pests (flies, birds, neighborhood dogs, etc) and wind from scattering it to neighboring properties...AND so long as it is hauled to the dump at least every other week.

If you have any questions about these ordinances, please feel free to call City Hall at 406-285-3431. You can read the full ordinances on the city’s homepage at