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Coaches Corner by Ellie West: Becoming Fearless

This new narrative is one of courage, strength, and resilience. It is one where we are not held back by fear. It takes bravery to confront our fears; by doing so, we can take control of our lives and create a new story within ourselves.

It is important to remember that conquering fear is a process. It may take time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. We become stronger and more confident with each step we take to face our fears.

It’s essential to have faith in yourself and persevere. Don’t let fear diminish your self-assurance. Perhaps this time could be a chance for personal development. Instead of questioning, “Why is this happening to me,” ask, “Why not me?”

During the pandemic, I noticed that fear was the predominant emotion. It had a profound impact not just on the world as a whole but also on local communities. Even now, fear remains a challenging emotion for many people to deal with daily. However, it is important to remember that fear is a natural and normal part of being human.

Fear is our human response to situations we don’t understand and over which we have no control. I believe God knew that our human nature fears the unknown, which is why He has given us verses to help us overcome fear, which potentially can lead to anxiety.

It’s fascinating to know that the Bible reminds us not to fear 365 times, one for every day of the year—such a powerful message of encouragement. It can be reassuring to know that even God recognizes and empathizes with the significance of our emotions.

Do you ever feel held back by fear? It’s a common experience for many of us. We create comfort zones that feel safe and familiar, but when faced with uncertainty about the future, anxiety can set in. Temptations can also arise, whether it’s overindulging in food or substances, procrastination, or harmful habits. Insecurity and fear often stem from past experiences or personal struggles.

It’s crucial not to allow fear to hold you back from pursuing your true destiny, for growth and change can lead to incredible opportunities and experiences that you might otherwise miss out on.

For most of my flying career, I was set in my ways and loved the flexibility of my flying schedule. Serving others through flying was always my passion and vocational calling. However, the year 2020 proved to be extremely traumatic and challenging. During this time, my faith calling and identity were put to the test. I had come to identify myself with my job, which made me fearful of the unknown. I had many questions running through my mind, and I was unsure of what the future held for me. I was afraid that I might lose the job that I had come to love for over 40 years, and I was worried I might have regrets if I chose to leave prematurely.

The uncertainty of the future left me with many questions and fears. But after careful contemplation, prayer, journaling, seeking guidance, and reflection, I realized that my identity was not solely tied to my job but rather to my unique qualities and gifts. This realization brought me peace and a newfound sense of freedom.

Moving out of my comfort zone and into the unknown was not easy, but it was necessary for me to fulfill my destiny. I embraced the unknown and trusted that God had a plan for me. I chose to look at the situation as an opportunity for growth and change. Instead of letting fear take control, I chose to believe in myself and my abilities. I began to explore new ways of serving others and found fulfillment in writing weekly articles to bring hope and inspiration to others.

Fear is inevitable but should not be a barrier to pursuing your goals and dreams. Understand that fear is a natural human response, but it should not control you. We need to remind ourselves that God is always with us, and He has given us verses to help us overcome fear. Moving out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it is necessary for growth and change.

Choose to believe in yourself and your ability to trust that God has a plan for you. Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your true destiny.

“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” - Winston Churchill.

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