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Our view: Rummage sale a boon for Three Forks

Throughout the year, numerous events in Three Forks bring the community together.

This weekend is a perfect example, with the Spring Rummage Sale scheduled for Thursday to Saturday at 124 2nd Avenue East.

The rummage sale brings crowds to the church, and it also serves as a fantastic opportunity for Three Forks residents to go through items they may not use that could be donated for an extremely worthwhile sale.

Organizers of this event should be commended for volunteering to host biannual sales that allow people to get much-needed items such as clothing, housewares, and kitchen items for a great rate. Having events like this is crucial for many to get needed items, but it also says so much about the community members who band together and volunteer to put on these events.

Three Forks is a caring community, and the donations received twice a year shows this time and time again. The sale has been happening for over 40 years, and many look forward to getting out and finding an item or taking time to volunteer.

The event is also an excellent way to get out and find a hidden gem or a needed item without making a trip out of town. It’s also fun for the family as there is something for everyone.

The rummage sale also is a way to help the church with funding for the many great things they do throughout the year for residents, like community dinners.

Church officials and volunteers should be commended for all they do, and hopefully, there will be a great crowd in 2023.

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