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Three Forks Chamber in desperate need of volunteers, hosting special meeting on Monday, June 19 at library

The Three Forks Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special meeting to discuss the organization’s future on Monday, June 19, at 1 p.m. at the Three Forks Community Library.

Last Monday, Board President Brooke Leugers suggested holding a special meeting to discuss recent board resignations, lack of volunteers, and getting input on what chamber members want.

After having three board members resign in the past several months, Leugers said they might need to consider dissolution of the chamber or a complete revamp of the organization. Leugers added that Belgrade dissolved due to lacking volunteers and people to help.

Board member Karen Greene said we have a great little small town, but they need volunteers for the events like the Christmas Stroll, Farmer’s Market, and Rodeo Dayz, or they will not happen. She added if they could get 20 to help out instead of 10, it spreads out the work load.

“The more people we have, the less they have to do,” said Greene. “Even if it’s a couple of hours a month, it will help with what we are doing.”

Board member Fawn Venzor said she doesn’t think some people know the chamber puts on the events they do and encouraged them to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Chamber Treasurer Ranee Berg added it’s not just about the events, but supporting all local businesses, and that we’ve been unable to hire an Executive Director.

Leugers said the focus of the meeting would be to come solutions and ideas for getting more help and seeing what the membership wants.

“We need help in order to keep this organization going,” she said.

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