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Broadwater County Sheriff's Office offering tours

Residents interested in learning more about what the Broadwater County Sheriff's Office does will have the opportunity with public tours starting next month.

According to Broadwater County Sheriff Nick Rauser, the tours starting in July will be offered on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The tour on the second week will take place at 2 p.m. and will be at 6 p.m. during the fourth week. Rauser said with this schedule, hopefully, everyone will have an opportunity to come, and the tour should last about 90 minutes.

For Rauser, it is very important for the public to know what law enforcement does.

"Unfortunately, too many people don't know what we do and deal with on a daily basis until they need us. By letting the public see the operations behind the Sheriff's Office, it will hopefully give them a perspective on where their money goes and what service we provide to them. I have a slide show I will be showing at the tours, with video and pictures also," said Rauser. "I am hoping this helps create a transparent relationship with the citizens. Law Enforcement is getting very dangerous, and unfortunately, we are not immune from it here in Montana or Broadwater County. We are getting very busy right now. We currently have 11 of our own inmates in the Detention Center. We have had 254 cases this year already, and summer is just getting started."

Those interested in the tour should call dispatch at 406-266-3441 to get their name on the list. The tours will be limited to no more than ten people and will be happening monthly as long as people are interested.

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