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Our View: More volunteers needed for events

I am a massive supporter of events that bring the community together. In Three Forks, this includes Rodeo Dayz, the Christmas Stroll, and the Farmer’s Market.

Many don’t realize these events do not happen without the countless hours of volunteers whose time and effort truly make a difference.

In last week’s Three Forks Voice, an article about the local chamber of commerce discussed the organization’s struggles with finding volunteers, and this is a problem that is happening nationwide.

It would be awful to see events organized by the chamber go away because there is not enough help from residents. Over the past few years, I have tried and helped with events when I could; if more people could do this, it would make a significant difference.

A few hours of help from more people would make all the difference in the world.

Living with someone who has served as the local chamber director and has spent hundreds of hours working for the organization, I have witnessed firsthand the same core group putting so much time and effort into the big-ticket events.

Looking to the future of the chamber, it would be a blow to see them dissolved and the events go away. Sure, you could have someone else step up to organize an event, but without volunteers, it might be a fruitless effort.

Along with the many events, the chamber’s future will also rely on focusing on the member’s needs and promoting small businesses in Three Forks.

Now is the time for those with ideas about business promotion to step up and let their opinions be known. It is also time for a little extra help. The balance between events and business promotion can be difficult, and new ideas would be a boon to the organization.

Having the annual rodeo without the parade or street dance would be a shame, but this could happen without more volunteers.

Please look for an article in the June 28 Voice about a special meeting this week discussing the future of the Chamber.

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