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Update from the Three Rivers Mosquito Control District

From Three Rivers Mosquito Control District

Well, we are through June, and Mosquito season is well upon us. Most areas in our district this spring have significant mosquito activity.

With our current high rivers and irrigation larvaciding efforts are greatly reduced. also, with the daytime temperatures being fairly tolerable, human/mosquito interaction is almost unavoidable. We have only had a few nights of good fog and conditions to try to adulticide our district.

Our district is large, so we can only do a portion on the nights that we can fog. With conditions being less than ideal, it will take more than one application to reduce the adult population. In a perfect world every week night would be 65 to 75° with a slight breeze and no rain but we only get those once in a while.

We have had quite a few calls/questions this season with the higher adult members. Please believe me when I say we are trying our best to bring the numbers down to a tolerable level.

We have a total of 10 traps around the district to monitor adult mosquitoes for disease and population numbers. We check and treat standing water throughout the district, but with nice weather, tall grass, and high water, we have fairly high numbers of flood water mosquitoes. While they do not transmit disease in our cooler climate, they are extremely disruptive and annoying when trying to enjoy our spring.

With few good fog nights and continued larval control, we have reduced the adult populations. While there are many mosquitoes in some areas, we will continue control efforts to reduce these numbers as well.

As always, we will continue to try to address peoples questions. We ask that you don’t stop us at night. Also, we try to shut off around people if we don’t see you and you’re concerned, please go inside for a few minutes until the product evaporates/dissipates. If you do have a question, we will try our best to answer it many people write on social media and we do our best to reply. Also, you can give me a call Dru at 406-599-8782. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Dru, Mickey, and Jason