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FWP's license donor program benefits disabled vets

HELENA – Hunters who will not be able to use their license this season have the opportunity to donate that license. Residents and nonresidents can donate their hunting license to a disabled military veteran or disabled active-duty service member who is working with an organization that uses hunting as part of the rehabilitation process.

The license donor program began in 2013, and each year between 40 and 60 hunters donate their license. Reasons vary, but according to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks licensing staff, many hunters donate licenses because of medical or family emergencies, work commitments or issues with outfitters or reservations.

The recipients are disabled veterans who were awarded a purple heart and have a 70 percent or higher disability rating. They must be sponsored by a nonprofit organization that provides hunting as a rehabilitation service to disabled veterans in Montana.

To participate in the program, hunters, potential recipients and nonprofit organizations must complete a form. Forms are available on FWP's Hunting Licenses & Permits webpage under "Donate License Programs" and can be returned to either an FWP regional office or by mail to FWP's Licensing Bureau, P.O. Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620. For more information, contact the FWP licensing office at 406-444-2950.