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Sheehy announces run for U.S. Senate

Former Navy SEAL Officer and current CEO of Bridger Aerospace, Tim Sheehy, has announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Montana.

As a Navy SEAL, Tim completed hundreds of missions around the world, and was humbled to lead Americans on the field of battle in defense of our great nation. He is also a successful entrepreneur, founding multiple small businesses after leaving the military, to include Bridger Aerospace, which he started in Belgrade.

Tim has created over 200 Montana jobs and has been privileged to hire many veterans and Montana State graduates.

As a veteran and businessman, Tim is running for the U.S. Senate to bring a new generation of strong conservative leadership and common-sense solutions to fix our nation's problems. Tim believes it's the career politicians and their failure to run our government like a business and act with accountability that has dug America into this mess. Tim will stand strong against Jon Tester and the Democratic Party's agenda of inflation, open borders, criminals over cops, drugs and violence in our communities, and a woke culture impacting our classrooms and military bases.

"My life has been shaped by my service to our country and our community. My commitment to job creation here in Montana has been steadfast across multiple industries, and I am a firm believer in the power of conservative values and the strength of the American individual. I've proudly fought for our country to defend our freedoms, and I'm once again answering the call to serve. I will fight to bring real leadership to Washington to save our country and protect our Montana way of life," said Sheehy. "Jon Tester has been in office for nearly a quarter of a century and he's lost sight of our Montana values. He's supporting Biden and Schumer's liberal agenda 91% of the time and that has brought us record high inflation, a disastrous deficit, skyrocketing energy prices, open borders, and drag queen story time on our military bases. Like any good politician, Jon talks one way but votes another. Montanans have had enough of these career politicians who are full of empty promises and are not representing our Montana values. It's time for a new generation of leadership to rebuild America."

About Tim Sheehy:

Tim Sheehy completed several deployments and hundreds of missions as a Navy SEAL Officer and Team Leader, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, and the Pacific region. Sheehy was involved in dozens of engagements with enemy forces, earning him multiple combat decorations, including the Bronze Star with Valor for Heroism in Combat and the Purple Heart Medal.

After being wounded in combat, Sheehy founded Bridger Aerospace in 2014 in his barn with all his savings and an all-veteran team. He led the growth of Bridger Aerospace and its sister company, Ascent Vision Technologies, and took Bridger Aerospace public on the NASDAQ in 2023. Today, Bridger Aerospace is a major Montana employer having created over 200 Montana jobs and is one of only a few publicly traded companies in Montana. Tim also owns Little Belt Cattle Company which provides vertically integrated beef production through its Certified Montana Beef program, giving Montana ranchers more local alternatives to the big four meat packers.

In addition to his responsibilities as CEO of Bridger, Sheehy is an active firefighting pilot and has completed hundreds of firefighting missions across the American west, protecting our communities from devastation as a pilot of the CL415EAF Water Bomber.

Sheehy and his wife Carmen have four children. Carmen is also a veteran, serving as a US Marine in Afghanistan.

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