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Our View: Have fun, but be mindful of fireworks

With the 4th of July next week, many residents have already purchased fireworks or will soon.

Those looking to buy fireworks can also help out some great kids with two stands (Three Forks Market/Off U.S. 287) run by Three Forks Wrestling clubs. This is a hard-working group of kids, and the money they raise will help them compete in Montana and at events throughout the nation.

While fireworks are a great time, it is also imperative to be safe to not only avoid injuries but not to start any fires. While the start of the summer had a lot of cooler conditions and moisture, the past few days have been a lot warmer. Dryer conditions and fireworks are not a great combination.

Fire season in Montana is already difficult enough. Emergency responders don’t need the added stress of responding to fires that could have been prevented by using common sense with fireworks. I’m all about people having fun, but please be mindful about where you are setting off fireworks.

As long as I’ve lived in Montana, I’ve noticed people always enjoying fireworks, and many follow any city or county ordinances about usage. I realize not everyone will always follow these laws, but it would be great if they at least tried to. If you’re going to be lighting off fireworks, try and watch how late you are doing it.

During this time of year, I know I will be kept up a little late on certain nights by the sounds of fireworks, but it is ridiculous that some people think it is okay to do till 2 or 3 in the morning. If you plan on taking your chances with a possible ticket for after-hours fireworks, possibly inform your neighbors so they at least have a heads-up.

Be mindful of those around you. Some people might have to work, and others, for many reasons, may have a rough time hearing the larger displays that rage into the early morning.

Also, remember that the City of Three Forks does provide a dumpster at Bellach Park to dispose of fireworks. Clean up your mess if you choose to light fireworks at the park or anywhere else.

Common sense with the usage of fireworks will make such an important holiday even better.

Please see the City of Three Forks in this edition for more information about fireworks ordinances.