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Three Forks Council votes to vacate alley

The Three Forks City Council unanimously voted last week to approve a Resolution (401-2023) to abandon the alley behind the Sacajawea Hotel between Ash and Neal Streets.

The vote came after the city received a petition to vacate the alley in June from Sacajawea Holdings, LLC and Folkvord Investments, LLC.

In the petition, the owners state they would like to develop more meeting and event space in the future.

The City of Three Forks will be compensated $18,000 for the vacation of ownership.

According to the Resolution, the petition meets statutory criteria, having been signed by at least 50 percent of the owners adjacent to the area to be vacated. The petition goes on to state that a portion of the hotel and restaurant are already built across the alleyway, making it no longer accessible to the public.

As part of the Resolution, the petitioner has agreed to record a 20-foot-wide easement providing the City of Three Forks access to existing sewer lines and two manholes. With the passing of the Resolution, the City of Three Forks will file a deed restriction stating that no new buildings shall be corrected, erected, or enhanced over the 20-foot easement. The deed restriction will also release/remove former rear zoning setbacks for future buildings up to the easement.

In other business from the meeting, the Council approved for Diane Kolberg, Gene Townsend, and Ryan Hamilton to all serve three-year terms on the Three Forks Rodeo Arena Board of Directors. The three have previously served in the position, and their new terms will expire on June 30, 2026.

The Council also approved Saylor Heidmann for a five-year term on the Three Forks Library Board of Trustees.

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