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Farewell Fawn: Venzor reflects on time as library trustee, director

In 2009, Fawn Venzor became a Trustee on the Three Forks Library Board. After nearly ten years of serving in the role, Venzor decided to take a leap and apply for the vacant Library Director position.

After serving in the director position since April 2019, Venzor will be stepping down at the end of the month and moving out of the area. She was honored on July 21 with a farewell party at the library.

Venzor was emotional talking about her four years in the position.

"One of the hardest parts of all this is leaving my coworkers, leaving the community, and leaving where I feel like my talents have been utilized and I have made a difference. That is going to be hard," she said.

While discussing her tenure, Venzor shared a thank you card and glowing review left by one of her younger patrons.

"Getting this means so much because my motto has been – if you get kids in the library when they are little, they will come the rest of their lives," she said.

Looking back on her time in Three Forks, Venzor proudly shared that while they did close the doors during the pandemic, they never officially closed and were able to offer residents books, games, puzzles, movies, and other items.

Venzor added they had done a lot of projects, including additional signage and labeling books and other items by their genre.

"We've grown with everything we've done here," said Venzor. "And I've had a great support system with my coworkers."

She added her favorite part of the job was Story Time on Thursday mornings.

Looking towards the future, Venzor is happy Jaime Ewan was hired as the next Library Director.

"Jaime knows more about the library than when I started, and I'm pleased she gets to take over and to see what her take will be and how she will bring her skills to the table. I'm at peace because I know she is going to be here, she said.

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