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Letter to the Editor: To all real property owners in Gallatin County

Like every property owner I have talked to or who has contacted me, I’m in “Sticker Shock” over my recently received 2023 Classification & Appraisal Notice from MT DOR.

Commissioners & Councilmembers in Municipalities and Gallatin County will soon be finalizing their annual budgets (August).

MT DOR will soon be certifying and sending taxing jurisdictions (Municipalities and Gallatin County) the total taxable value of property in each jurisdiction (the first Monday in August which is August 7, 2023).

Municipalities and Gallatin County use the following formula to generate your property tax bill: Taxable Value x Mill Levy = General Property Tax

Based on the Classification & Appraisal Notice, I’m certain the total taxable value of property in each jurisdiction will be much higher than it was last year. Your Clerk and Recorder should have a record of taxable value certifications from previous years should you choose to compare.

When municipalities and Gallatin County apply the formula above, they should lower the number of mills they levy because the taxable value is much higher.

If you want to do something about your upcoming property tax bill (payment due November 30th), I suggest you attend City and County budget meetings. Speak up. Send emails. Hold your elected officials accountable. Let City and County Commissioners know they should REDUCE THE NUMBER OF MILLS THEY LEVY this year.

Senator Shelley Vance


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