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Commission Approves ARPA funding

The Gallatin County Commission voted last week to finalize American Rescue Plan Act funding for the Three Forks Area Ambulance Service.

According to Commissioner Scott MacFarlane, TFAA approached the governing body in late 2020, stating they needed some matching dollars to help purchase a new ambulance.

MacFarlane said the cost of emergency equipment has gotten really expensive, and last week they approved the piece of equipment TFAA bought through a sub-recipient.

"So that was good to do for Three Forks," he said.

The Commission also voted last week to approve a Resolution of Intent to set the boundaries for the three Gallatin County Commissioner Districts. MacFarlane said his District (District 3), which is west Bozeman up towards Belgrade and Manhattan and out to Three Forks, has changed the most.

MacFarlane said that because of the new census information, the Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder had been charged with creating three districts of roughly equal land area, population, and urban area, which he noted is really hard to do.

He said the new district maps are available on the Clerk and Recorders website, and the decision on a final resolution will take place in a couple of weeks.

The Commission also voted to approve a Resolution of Intent to Designate Polling Places for the Precinct Boundaries Adopted with Resolution 2023-037.

MacFarlane said they have had some pretty drastic changes to the House and Senate Districts in Gallatin County because of redistricting from the census.