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Three Forks Schools Unveils New Strength and Conditioning Room

The 2023-2024 school year started off with a brand-new weight room. After having an outdated and worn-out weight room for years it was decided there needed to be an update.

Jake Lynch, middle school principal, had been planning out a new weight room since he was hired four years ago. The weight room was going to be remodeled originally along with the rest of the basement, with the bond. The original closets were taken out to create more space. The space had equipment that wasn't suitable for a school room and the concrete flooring was very dangerous.

The new equipment was not paid for with the bond, but Lynch wanted to get new equipment for a much needed "face lift." All the equipment and extras were bought with money raised through fundraising and from donations the community had made. The new flooring was put in with the bond money as well as the remodeling of the structure of the room itself. Lynch agreed that the room turned out to be better than anyone had envisioned.

Casey McWethy, high school and middle school strength and conditioning teacher, had some input on the layout of the room along with the equipment. The new space now has a bright red turf strip that makes the room pop along with red led lighting. He stated that the number of students who are more interested in the class has now skyrocketed. The new room is the best a high school could have.

McWethy has worked to make the space feel welcoming. He has given not only good advice on how to use the new equipment, but also advice on how to better the mind and not just the body. One positive result of the new space is that McWethy now has, "the biggest group of non-athletes and athletes in a class."

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