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Three Forks Schools Unveils New Main Gymnasium

After 20 years, Three Forks Schools re-finished and re-designed the main competition gym from floor to ceiling this fall.

The gym was in such rough shape that when people would stand or walk on it, it would flex over the weight room.

Three Forks schools put together a graphics committee which included vice principal Jake Lynch, basketball coaches Terry Hauser and Lacy Noble, and volleyball coach Tiffany Lynch to help with the design of the space. The goal of the committee was ¨to give the gym a new look and make it something students and the community to be proud of," said Mrs. Lynch.

The project remained on schedule taking about three and a half weeks and finishing on time because of the work of Hype Performance Flooring, owned by Steve Lalum. There were many steps included in the project starting off with sanding down the entire floor and fixing up rough spots and holes in the floor before starting the graphics design. They then started the staining process using a colored wood stain on the key and the three-point arch. By sanding down the floor again they could redesign the floor paint and logos such as the logo and wolves on the baseline.

Because they cut through the north wall, the whole space was also repainted. While there in not an air conditioning system, there are new air handlers to keep the gym warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Additionally, they added new lighting, including red LED's for home games.

¨I love it," Mrs. Lynch stated. "It definitely brightens it up in there. ¨

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