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Column: I'm hoping she doesn't eat the plate

A couple of years ago, we stopped at Stageline Pizza to get dinner before attending a Three Forks High School Football game. This was the first time we ordered the "Moose" pizza, and I'm thrilled we made that decision; it has been our go-to order since.

Something unique about the combination of garlic and jalapenos makes me not want to order another pizza on the menu. If I find something I like at a restaurant, I don't need to try anything else. Perhaps this is close-minded thinking, but I don't plan on getting anything besides the "Moose".

On the trip a few years ago, we were waiting for our food when one of the employees brought us our plates. While this usually is not too big of a deal, I couldn't help getting a huge smile when I saw the design on the plates. It was a piece of pizza, and it looked very real.

Rather than just enjoy the clever eatery, my head started to spin, and I thought, I bet if I get a good enough camera angle, I can send my mom a picture and try to convince her the plate was an actual pizza.

After a few attempts to get the right shot, I sent a picture to a group text that included my two sisters, and a couple of minutes later, I got a response. My mom said that our pizza looked great. I immediately started to laugh and had to inform her that the pizza had yet to arrive from the kitchen and this was just a plate. My sisters also seemed to get a big kick out of this, and we teased her a bit the rest of the evening.

A few days later, we had a little family reunion in Montana, and the plate was a major topic of conversation.

A few months later, we returned for dinner at Stageline before a basketball game, and as soon as the employee brought out our plates, I thought there was no way she could fall for this again, but I'm going to send her another picture anyway. She replied to the group text, saying how good the pizza looked.

She had fallen for it again, and I couldn't stop laughing, and she once again would be teased the rest of the evening.

Fast forward to the next school year, and I once again sent another picture of the plate, and she once again said how great the pizza looked. This time, when the group text let her know it was once again a plate, she did not take it as well and was a bit mad that I kept doing this.

I figured this was probably a good time to stop sending a picture of the pizza plate before I was left out of the will.

Before the football game against Townsend a few weeks ago, I took pictures of the plate but did not dare send them. I wanted to, but the juice would not be worth the squeeze.

In a few months, I'll start thinking about some Christmas gifts, and I'm tempted to ask Tara at Stageline where she got the plates and to send them to everyone on the group chat.

I'm sure everyone would get a kick out of it, but I hope my mom doesn't eat the plate.

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