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Three Forks Council revokes kennel license

The Three Forks City Council voted last week to revoke the kennel license for Stacy Adams at 406 1st Avenue East. In July, the governing body approved a motion to allow a license for Adams to keep her six rescue dogs together.

Before July's vote and at last week's meeting, several neighbors raised concerns to the governing body about the nuisance of the dogs barking.

Three Forks resident Dennis Christensen, who lives on the street, said barking is so bad they cannot leave their windows open, and last weekend, it sounded like the dogs were going off to the point it was vicious. Christensen added that the dogs are clearly disturbing not only their peace but the neighborhood's peace.

After over 40 minutes of discussion, Councilmember George Chancellor motioned to revoke the license and give Adams 30 days to remove three of her six dogs. Chancellor added a stipulation that Adams must get bark collars for her dogs in the meantime. City Attorney Susan Swimley said she favors the stipulation of the bark collars, but she does not know how they will be able to enforce it.

Councilmembers Chancellor, Gene Townsend, Roxi McDermott, Nancy Todd, Ed Tharp, and Brooke McLees all voted in favor of the motion.

While there has been discussion about the use of dog collars or barking machines with the kennel license, Swimley said there was not a condition about either in the July motion.

Chancellor said that when driving by the residence, the dogs are out barking, and there are no collars to be seen.

"I believe that the dogs are clearly a nuisance," he said.

Townsend said when he made the motion to approve the kennel license, he did not put in any stipulations about barking but did it in good faith after listening to what Adams said she would do.

"In my opinion, she has not done that. There are still way too many complaints. The dogs are still barking," said Townsend. "At this point, I think Stacy (Adams) is not living up to her part of what she told us."

No public comments were made at the meeting in favor of the kennel license.