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Our View: Celebrating five years

Last week’s edition of the Three Forks Voice marked the fifth anniversary of the weekly newspaper.

It was an exciting milestone for the publication, and we wanted to take some time in this edition to thank all those who advertised,purchased the newspaper, and those who have helped us with stories and pictures.

To all of our advertisers in the Three Forks Voice and Lewis and Clark Journal, thank you so much for doing business with us; we could not have reached the five-year mark without you. Whether it is a classified or a full-page ad in the publication, your business means the world to us. And a special thanks to the businesses who have been with us from day one and continue to support us.

With a staff of two for the two newspapers, we are also very thankful to all the individuals, organizations, government agencies, coaches, and others who always go out of their way to get us information for stories. Working with you since the fall of 2018 has been a pleasure, and all your assistance is greatly appreciated.

There have been some challenges, including navigating through the pandemic, which was also difficult for many small businesses, but we were able to push through the obstacles.

We are excited to continue to be able to continue our coverage of business, government, events, sports, schools, various other news, and the people of Three Forks.

Three Forks is an amazing community, and working with so many different people is a rewarding experience. And we are looking forward to seeing what the next year brings.