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Powerlifting Club on the Horizon

The Three Forks School District is in the beginning stages of adding a powerlifting club.

At last week’s School Board Meeting, Three Forks teacher and coach Stan Provenza discussed the club that would afford students the opportunity to compete in both powerlifting and strongman competitions. The club will be co-sponsored by Provenza and the head of the strength and conditioning program and coach, Casey McWethy.

In a presentation to the board, Provenza said he and his wife will be attending powerlifting competitions and would like to extend the opportunity to students. Provenza added he talked with McWethy, who was on board with a marriage between a powerlifting club and the existing strength and conditioning program.

Provenza said they are thinking if they can get kids involved with these competitions, this is something they could continue to do after high school. He added that the benefits of the program would be students gaining a sense of purpose, discipline, and learning more about the best nutritional practices, all working towards the goal of making a better athlete.

Provenza plans to announce the club following the conclusion of the football season and, in the future, would like to host a meet in Three Forks.

He said when competitive athletes know a meet is coming up, the workouts will be more focused and intense.

According to Provenza, the district has all the equipment needed for the powerlifting, but students would need to go to the gym in town for some of the strongman training.

Provenza also shared with the board that he had talked with an assistant football coach at Helena Capital High School, who said after a powerlifting club was started, the team’s trajectory in the playoffs got deeper and deeper.