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Sheehy makes stop at meet and greet in Three Forks

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy stopped in Three Forks last Friday morning for a meet and greet with area residents at Jack Chater Auto Works.

For Sheehy, getting out and visiting rural areas in Montana is paramount for his campaign.

"This really gives you a chance to talk to the grassroots of Montana. And that's why we're not spending all of our time in the largest cities in Montana. We're trying to get out to every community, from Culbertson to Dillon, to Libby, to here (Three Forks)," said Sheehy. "We're going to every small community we can get to. To make sure we're talking to folks and, frankly, listening. It's not so much talking. It's listening. What are the issues most important to the Three Forks community? And what we've heard is a remarkable amount of consistency. People are concerned about the same things: gas prices, inflation, the economy, the border."

During his local stop, Sheehy discussed an ethics pledge he released on October 25.

"It's critical for people to know their elected officials are there for the right reasons, and they are there to make our country a better place and to pass common-sense policies. As soon as we can remove any perception or reality of conflict of interest in our elected officials, it is when we are going to start having more confidence in our elected government. Right now, confidence in our government is at an all-time low. And that's part of the reason I'm running. We need a new generation of leaders that are going to give Americans confidence in their elected leadership," Sheehy said.

As part of his ethics pledge, Sheehy will use his office to seek to institute term limits on members of Congress, including three house terms and two senate terms.

Sheehy told the Voice that career governance was never intended in the U.S. Constitution.

"Term limits, not just for elected officials, but also appointed bureaucrats in the Executive Branch are a hugely important thing we need to tackle because that will create a citizen government again, and that's what America was supposed to be," he said.

In a release about his ethics pledge, Sheehy said as a former Navy SEAL, combat veteran, aerial firefighter, and successful business owner, he has learned what it means to have service, sacrifice, and accountability at the center of his mission.

"When I make a promise, I keep it – unlike the career politicians who are more focused on their political careers than serving our country. As your next Senator, I am pledging to the people of Montana that I will raise the bar for ethical responsibility and accountability in Washington," Sheehy said.

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