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City seeks letters of interest for Council vacancies

The City of Three Forks is seeking letters of interest from residents interested in two Council seats that will become vacant on January 1, 2024.

Earlier this year, the governing body canceled an election for three four-year terms on the Council. Current Councilmember Ed Tharp was elected by acclimation after being the lone candidate to file before the September deadline.

The Council must appoint two candidates to serve until the next general election in November 2025.

City Clerk Crystal Turner said last week they have yet to receive any letters of interest, adding it is very important to fill the remaining two positions currently held by Nancy Todd and Roxi McDermott.

"Without them, we only have a quorum at a meeting if all four show up. Some decisions require a majority vote, so they'd all have to be in agreement for something like a mill levy," Turner said.

Interested candidates can submit a letter to Turner by email at [email protected] or via mail or hand delivery to City Hall.

The appointment of the two vacancies is scheduled for December 12 at 6 p.m. and will be continued to a future hearing if no appointment occurs.

Section 2.09 Filling Vacancy on Council -

When a vacancy occurs in the office of council member, the position shall be considered open and subject to nomination and election at the next general municipal election, except the term of office shall be limited to the unexpired term of the person who originally created the vacancy. Pending such election and qualification the council shall appoint by the affirmative vote of four ® council members, a person possessing the qualifications for office required by law and this Charter, within 30 days of the vacancy to hold the office until the successor is elected and qualified.

Qualifications for Office:

Every resident of the City of Three Forks who is 18 years of age or older, a citizen of Montana and a qualified elector pursuant to Article IV, Section 2 of the Montana Constitution is eligible to hold the office of council member.

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