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Coaches Corner Wings of Words: Soaring into New Heights

As this year draws to a close, I find myself pausing to reflect on the past year's journey.

Considering how writing brought a sense of hope and inspiration to the community, I have come to a threshold of letting go of what has filled my heart to overflowing these past few years.

People often ask me, "How did you start writing for the papers?" It all began two years ago over lunch with a friend. I shared with her that I sensed God had called me to write articles that would inspire and bring hope and encouragement to my community. Living in this beautiful community, I discerned a need to touch people's lives in a positive light, and I felt led to positively impact lives as I desired to touch people's hearts through my words.

To my surprise, my friend responded, "I love your idea, and I know the owner of Broadwater Reporter." In disbelief, I asked for the owner's contact information so I could reach out to her. Later that day, my friend texted me, saying, "I ran into the paper's owner, told her about your idea, and she loved it." Connecting with the owner, I began writing for the small community; even though Broadwater Reporter is no longer in print, I have been grateful to continue my writing journey with MT 43 News.

Months later, wanting to reach a broader audience, I contacted Three Forks Voice, expressing my desire to serve the community by contributing weekly articles. After submitting sample articles, Three Forks Voice agreed to publish my articles weekly.

Writing these past two years for all of you has allowed me to grow and expand in ways I never dreamed possible. It has opened my heart and eyes to see the path that has been prepared and laid out for me. I now have clarity about my purpose and passion for using the gifts I have been blessed with. Serving others through hospitality, creating an all-inclusive experience for women, and one-on-one coaching have become my guiding light.

Looking ahead to the next year, my focus is on publishing my second book, a companion to "Soar: How to Rise Above the Turbulence, and Watch Your Dreams Take Flight." I plan to create audio versions of both books and launch an intensive one-on-one coaching experience for women who desire rest, restoration, and transformation. I will also continue serving others at 35,000 feet.

Additionally, I look forward to spending quality time with my family and precious granddaughters, who are growing up too fast.

To you, my readers, I hope and pray that my words have inspired you to pursue your dreams and to live out your purpose. Or it has given you a lot of clarity for your next steps. You have gained momentum...keep going.

I am grateful for the time I have spent with all of you who have looked forward to the weekly articles. Your support and encouragement have brought me moments of hope to know that words on paper can and will positively touch people's lives.

And for those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I will continue to post words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement, and I trust they will add value to your life.

As you step into the wonder of this Christmas season, my prayer is that joy fills your heart and you have peace that surrounds you, knowing you are valued and worthy.

"As we close the chapter on this year and open the book of the next, may the words we write inspire, the stories we share bring hope, and the pages we turn reveal the beauty of a purposeful journey." ~Ellie West

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