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2,700 Jury Summons Questionnaires Still Outstanding

The Gallatin County Clerk of District Court's Office sent out 10,000 Jury Summons Questionnaires in May. As of last week, 2,700 were still outstanding.

According to Clerk of District Court Sandy Erhardt, the importance of returning the questionnaires for jury duty cannot be overstated.

"It's a fundamental step toward maintaining a fair and functional justice system, and the timely return of questionnaires helps streamline the jury selection process and ensures that trials proceed efficiently," Erhardt said.

Those who have not filled out the questionnaire should expect to get a visit from law enforcement.

"State law requires that the county sheriff must attempt to personally serve the notice to nonresponding jurors, which expends valuable law enforcement time and resources," Erhardt said.

For those who have received a jury notice postcard, Erhardt asks they follow the directions and submit the questionnaire as soon as possible. She added that if they have lost their postcard or have questions about whether they are currently in the jury pool, they should contact the office by email at [email protected] or by phone at 406-582-2168.

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