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Another great year for Headwaters Trail System

2023 was yet again a year of positive news for the Headwaters Trail System.

During his annual report to the City of Three Forks, Chairman Gene Townsend discussed several grants awarded to them over the year and thanked all those area residents, businesses, and organizations that helped out with the popular local trail system.

According to Townsend, in April, the Headwaters Trail System was awarded $100,000 in Open Lands Program Money from the Gallatin County Commission for trial maintenance.

Townsend reported that in May, the City of Three Forks was awarded $75,000 from the federal Recreational Trails Program (RTP) to be used for Phase One of the Headwater Trail System Extension between Three Forks and Logan.

Townsend said the trail system also received a $13,099 AARP Community Challenge Grant for exercise equipment at Bellach Park. He added because the equipment has yet to arrive, AARP has given them until May 2024 to complete the project.

In 2023, the Headwaters Trail System added three benches and bicycle wraps.

Townsend concluded his presentation by thanking all those involved with the Headwaters Trail System.

Townsend said that for 25 years, Magris Talc has been very generous in providing grant-matching funds. Townsend also thanked City Treasurer Kelly Smith, City Clerk Crystal Turner, the city crew, his wife Pat, and all the donors, trail users, and volunteers.

“The Citizens of Three Forks have really accepted and supported the trail system. Without them, it would have never happened,” he said.

He also thanked the local banks for sponsoring the annual Headwaters Bank Walk/Run.

“Without their help, it wouldn’t be as profitable as it is,” Townsend said.

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