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Annual Report: Rodeo board looking to add 2 new sections

It was another busy year at the Three Forks Rodeo Arena.

At the final City Council Meeting of 2023 last week, Three Forks Rodeo Board of Directors President Casey Elmose presented the annual report to the governing body.

Elmose said it was a really good year, and the annual NRA Rodeo in July had an attendance of 3,100 on the first night and 3,200 on the second night.

“It’s about as full as we can handle it right now,” Elmose said.

With the high attendance numbers, Elmose said they were starting exploratory work with engineers and discussed possibly putting another section on each end.

Regarding improvements in 2023, Elmose told the Council they traded in their old “Black Widow” dragger and purchased a new one, put in new sand, and hired a second secretary.

Elmose reported they are trying to put power on the west end of the rodeo grounds. He said with a large number of vendors, there are way too many generators, and they are hoping to have power installed by the rodeo in July.

“All in all, it was the busiest year I’ve had since I’ve been on the board,” he said.

Councilmember Gene Townsend praised the work of Elmose and said he’s done a great job as President of the Board.

Townsend added the plans to add two more wings on the bleachers should really help.