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Outdoor Ice Rink Open for Season

With the Three Forks Outdoor Ice Rink at Stevenson Park open for the season, residents are reminded to follow the City's rules and regulations.

The rules for the rink, which first opened in 2021, include respecting other users, especially those learning to skate, and no vehicles on the ice.

The City of Three Forks also recommends that helmets be worn and children be supervised.

Open skating is allowed in the rink except when the rink has been reserved or closed for maintenance, safety, or weather.

Those with issues with the rink are asked to call City Hall during business hours at 285-3431. The contact number for out-of-business hours and rink emergencies is 539-6905.

Former Mayor Sean Gifford, who was a driving force behind the rink opening in 2021 and still volunteers at the facility, said he does not want people to walk on the ice with their shoes because road salt and dirt will cause the ice to melt.

Gifford added those using the rink should not leave pucks or nets on the ice because they will melt through, and people should pick up trash and put hockey sticks and other equipment back in the warming hut when they are finished.

If it is a warmer day, Gifford said rink users should use common sense before skating.

"If the surface layer is slushy, stay off and wait till the evening when it gets colder," Gifford said.

Residents can also donate to the park directly at City Hall. Gifford said he is trying to buy new boards and has to replace the liner every year or two, a $1,500 expense.