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Another vacancy on Three Forks City Council

Less than a month after filling two vacant positions, the Three Forks City Council again needs a new member.

City officials announced last week that Brooke McLees has resigned from her position, and the governing body will need to make an appointment to fill the term that expires on December 1, 2025.

McLees was elected to the four-year position in November of 2021.

The Council had two members, Steve Dahl and Debra Mickelberry, resign in 2023. The Council voted to appoint Ed Tharp and Roxi McDermott to fill the vacancies.

At the end of last year, the governing body appointed McDermott and Garret Buchanan to fill two Council vacancies. The seats were vacant after former member Nancy Todd chose not to seek reelection, and McDermott did not get her paperwork filed before the deadline.

Letters of interest for the opening will be accepted until February 5. The appointment of the vacancy is scheduled for February 13.

Candidates can submit a letter of interest to the City Clerk at [email protected] or mail or hand delivery to City Hall at 206 Main Street.

Qualifications for Office:

Every resident of the City of Three Forks who is 18 years of age or older, a citizen of Montana, and a qualified elector under Article IV, Section 2 of the Montana Constitution is eligible to hold the office of council member.