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Governing Body edits definitions of 'Kennel', 'Doggy Day Care'

During the first reading of an ordinance making changes to the Police Regulation/Animal Control Code, the Three Forks City Council voted unanimously last week to edit the definitions for “Doggy Day Cares” and “Kennels.” The governing body voted to edit the definitions so that neither a Doggy Day Care nor Kennel would be allowed in City Limits.

Council member Gene Townsend said having a kennel in town limits is a bad idea and said the barking would go on during the night and weekends. The Council approved the first reading of the ordinance changes that will allow residents to obtain a fourth dog with an “Additional Dog Permit.” With the changes, residents will no longer be allowed to apply for a kennel license to have more than four dogs on any property.

As far as additional requirements to obtain an Additional Dog Permit, the changes state residents must fill out an application provided by the City that must be accompanied by an applicable fee to be set via resolution by the governing body and submittal of a complete signed application is an agreement between the applicant and the City to perform an inspection before any decision.

The draft states the application fee will be used to cover the cost of creating and mailing notice to the property owners within three hundred feet, excluding streets and alleys, in any direction from the applicant’s property, of a hearing scheduled before the governing body to decide on an Additional Dog Permit application.

The second reading and public hearing for the proposed changes will occur on Tuesday, February 13. According to City officials, if approved as written at the February meeting, the ordinance would take effect 30 days later and become law. The complete draft ordinance can be found at

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