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Three Forks Area Ambulance: January Community Update

In January, we responded to 26 emergency calls for the volunteers who serve on our local ambulance service. Two of our emergency responses were to fatality accidents on I90.

TFAA did 16 transports to Bozeman Health Deaconess Regional Medical Center. We only needed the paramedics on two of those transports for additional aid.

We continued to standby at The Three Forks High School Basketball Games to support our youth. The rest of our emergency responses were refusals or cancelled in route to an incident.

As we all approach Valentine’s Day we think of loved ones. We send cards, candy, Facebook messages, and emails to the people in our lives that we love! We all care about the important people in our lives. What a GIFT it would be to those people if we were trained to care for our loved ones in an emergency by becoming an Emergency Medical Responder!!

Three Forks Area Ambulance is hosting an EMR Class starting February 16 at our station at 2 East Hickory.

This class is a step below an Emergency Medical Technician.

We hope to offer a bridge class this coming summer.

TFAA chose to go this way due to the time commitment and affordability. TFAA needs more LOCAL folks to step up and serve our GROWING community by getting solid medical training and volunteering on our ambulance service.

We understand that everyone’s lives are busy. But if you can spare a little time, WE NEED YOU!

Volunteer means “you do what you can when you can”. TFAA understands that not everyone is available 24/7.

We need MORE FOLKS to help carry the load!

What a wonderful Valentine’s Gift to your family and neighbors to know what to do in an EMERGENCY SITUATION! Call Colleen at 406-498-6959 for more information and to sign up!

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