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Stolen street signs recovered

Following a tip from a Gallatin County resident, an arrest was made in connection with stolen road signs.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office released a news release on January 30 stating that 49 street signs from across the county had been stolen.

“A Gallatin County citizen saw the press release and came forward with valuable information which ultimately led to the arrest and charge of one 18-year-old Bozeman resident.

This investigation continues as deputies follow up on additional leads. Currently, 46 of the 49 stolen road signs have been recovered from various locations in Gallatin County. Sheriff Dan Springer thanks the public for their assistance in this case and reiterates, it is the trust and relationship with our community that is often the key to solving many of these cases,” states a release issued by Gallatin County.

According to Gallatin County, simple signs cost $200 in time and materials apiece to replace. If they are stolen or destroyed, more complex signs can cost up to $3,000.

The implications of these thefts extend beyond mere financial burdens. The absence of vital street signs poses a severe safety risk for drivers navigating our community. Moreover, the depletion of resources required for sign replacement diverts Gallatin County Road Department staff from essential projects, hampering the efficiency of vital public services.

“These thefts not only burden our hardworking taxpayers but also pose unnecessary risks to our community,” said Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer. “We sincerely appreciate the public’s collaboration in reporting this criminal activity.”