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Council selects new member

The Three Forks City Council has a new member.

At last week's council meeting, the governing body voted to select Reagan Hooton to fill the position vacated by former member Brooke McLees. Hooton will now serve in the seat, expiring on December 31, 2025. McLees was elected to the four-year position in November of 2021.

In her letter of interest for the position, Hooton said she is a bookkeeper by trade, a voracious gardener, and a river explorer in her spare time. Born in Bozeman, Hooton wrote she moved away for many years but is glad to be back in Montana.

"I enjoy collaborating and strategizing for the good of the community. I've been on a few non-profit boards, including a neighborhood association, and have been involved in grassroots organizing around farming and food insecurity," said Hooton. "I believe I have developed the interpersonal and communication skills that are necessary for effective teamwork. Three Forks is an amazing place to live and be part of, and I'd like to give back by serving my community."