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Willow Creek Students make donation to Headwaters Area Food Bank

While studying Christmas around the world in December, Willow Creek second and third-grade students decided to start a food drive for area residents.

The food drive turned out to be very successful. According to Food Bank Operations Manager Emily Smith, the students recently made a significant donation to the organization in Three Forks.

"Headwaters Area Food Bank was so appreciative to receive over 100 pounds of food from the Willow Creek 2nd and 3rd graders. It is so touching to see such young kiddos have such a passion for their community and put that into action," said Smith. "HAFB distributes around 6,000 pounds of food a month to not only Three Forks residents but Willow Creek, Manhattan, Townsend, Ennis, Harrison, Whitehall, Sheridan, and other parts of Montana. So, we will have no problem giving away the food. Without the help of people like these sweet kiddos and teachers like Mrs. Patty Zuelke, we could not continue.

Zuelke said her students jumped into the project. After initial donations from the class members, they decided to continue to drive by asking other students in the school to participate.

To increase donations, the class hosted "Cans for Cookies," with Willow Creek students who donated to receive a big sugar cookie.

"We ended up with 170 cans or boxes. I was very impressed," Zuelke said.

Members of the second and third-grade class in Willow Creek are Sam Clements, Cozette Duncan, Hazel Petz, Aislinn Steele, Beau Bjrondal, Jace Holland, Tawnie Hughes, Mayson Murphy, Forrest Petz, Odessa Skorlund, and Cole Solorzano.

"I'm proud of the whole school for jumping right in. Sometimes, you have food drives at Christmas, and they get lost in all the activities. I was really happy the whole school participated. It was great," Zuelke said.

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