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District Board approves rehire of 3 Principals

The Three Forks School Board recently unanimously voted to rehire the district’s three Principals.

Elementary Principal Steve Fanning, Middle School Principal Jake Lynch, and High School Principal Greg Heys were all rehired for the 2024-25 school year, with salary and benefits to be determined pending negotiations.

According to Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Uthlaut, all three principals are kept extremely busy in their roles.

“We feel that beyond the basic management duties of their positions related to personnel, instructional leadership, and discipline, they also play a critical role related to the growth and improvement of the overall educational experience of all students. At Three Forks, we are not satisfied with providing the minimum but rather strive to offer the highest quality education possible,” said Uthlaut. “We have a wide range of needs and challenges within our school community. Providing individualized support and enriching experiences requires strong leadership and effort.”

The board also voted to approve the rehire of Bobby Lauver as District IT Director.

Uthlaut said Lauver plays a critical role in the district.

“He wears many hats, offering ongoing management and support of our entire technology and communication systems. He is often found working after hours and weekends in addition to his regular work schedule to make improvements and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Most recently, Mr. Lauver has taken the initiative to upgrade and complete a sound and lighting system in our auditorium in order to accommodate upcoming student performances. He has also recently replaced the broken sound system in the gym, working tirelessly to save the district substantial cost,” she said.

The board also voted to rehire Alisa Meeks as Three Forks School Business Manager/Clerk.

“Our entire administrative team is focused and dedicated to providing the best for Three Forks students. Each individual plays an integral and valued part of pushing TFS to be the best it can be,” Uthlaut said.

In coaching hires for the spring, Dillon Gongliewski was hired as the new Head Coach for the Three Forks High School Track and Field Team. Aaron Lattimore, Matthew Robb, and Lacy Noble were all hired as assistants. Tara Forsberg was also hired as a volunteer assistant coach.

Tyler Palmer, Stan Provenza, and Wyatt Frank were named the middle school track and field coaches.

Clay Feliciano was rehired as the Head Coach of the Three Forks High School Softball team. Madison Mahoney was hired as an assistant coach, and Peyton Page and Alyssa Silvia were hired as volunteer assistant coaches.

The board approved the rehire of Aaron Harkins as Head Golf Coach, with Karsyn Houska, Terry Hauser, and Ian Schilf all hired as assistants.

Janna Lauver was rehired as the Head Coach for the TFHS Tennis team, and Bobby Lauver was hired as an assistant.

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