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Local Museums to Go Online

On February 23, 2024, the Board and Executive Committee of the Three Forks Area Historical Society met at the conference room at the local library to kick off their "Collection Migration Project."

This project will make the society's collection available online, allowing the public to view photos, documents, and objects on PastPerfect's online cloud application.

Project Manager Patrick Finnegan expects the collection from both the Headwaters Heritage Museum downtown and the Railroad and Trident Heritage Center at the Depot to "go live" in about June 2025. "We have a lot of work to do, especially scanning all the photos and documents in our archives as well as photographing all of the objects on display." Finnegan is calling for volunteers to help with the project. Those wishing to volunteer can contact Volunteer Coordinator Shane Hegar at [email protected].

The Society is also announcing a new fundraising campaign that will also enhance collection management. "Display cases in the two facilities have location codes that are not intuitive to our visitors or docents. We would like to remedy that situation by allowing donors to sponsor or be a patron to a particular display case and giving it a name." The details of the fundraiser are still being developed, but patrons can donate up to $300 to the organization to get a nameplate on the larger display cases. The brass plate will have the name of the case, as chosen by the patron, with the sponsor's name underneath. Those wishing to become a display case patron can contact Society Treasurer Patrick Finnegan at [email protected].