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Three Forks Area Ambulance Community Update

February was a considerably slower month for calls. TFAA responded to 19 calls. 9 of these were transports to Bozeman Health Deaconess Regional Medical Center.

2 of these hospital transports we were assisted by AMR paramedics due to the severity of the calls.

The rest of the calls were refusals, cancelled prior to arrivals, and a standby for basketball at the Three Forks High School.

In February the TFAA Crew received training in HIPPA, Professionalism, Bloodborne Pathogens, and doffing. Doffing is the removal of personal protective gear safely to not have an exposure to the EMT and this gear also protects the patient. This training was presented by Riesa Overstreet RN.

We began the Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Course in mid-February. The EMR course is 56 hours classroom and 10 hours of practical hands-on training. This class will be completed in mid-March.

TFAA hopes to gain several new trained EMRs that will be able to aid our EMTs on emergency calls.

Later in the summer we will offer an Emergency Medical Technician Course. These new folks will be able to bridge the course and move up to EMTs.

We hope more folks in our community can step up and take the full Emergency Medical Technician Course. More information on dates and prices to follow in the future.

Our EMTs attended 4 days of training with Jefferson Valley Emergency Medical Service. February 22 to February 25. AMR covered our service area for those days.

We thank AMR for their coverage of our emergency calls while our folks were at training.

Three Forks Area Ambulance NEEDS more folks to step up and VOLLUNTEER! If interested in being a driver we are hoping to offer a Traffic Incident Management Course soon which is a requirement for all drivers of the ambulances. Three Forks Area Ambulance Service will also be offering community classes in late spring and summer. Stay tuned for more information to come.

We will try our best to keep the cost down for these classes and the QUALITY of TRAINING HIGH!

If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out. Our email is [email protected] Or phone 406-209-3417.

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