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Broadwater County Unveils Draft Growth Policy Update for Public Review and Feedback

Earlier this month, Broadwater County officials announced the release of a draft Growth Policy Update for public review and comments until March 31, 2024. This document, crafted with careful consideration and community and stakeholder input, outlines a strategic vision for sustainable development and growth within the county.

The Growth Policy Update serves as a vital roadmap for the future, guiding land use decisions, infrastructure development, and resource management. Broadwater County recognizes the importance of thoughtful planning to preserve the unique character and quality of life that residents value while fostering economic growth and opportunity.

After several public meetings in both the north and south sub areas of the County, the Commissioners are excited to present the draft Growth Policy Update to the County residents. This document reflects our commitment to guided, responsible growth and demonstrates the importance of resident input in the planning process. We invite all residents and stakeholders to provide feedback during this additional comment period.

Key highlights of the draft Growth Policy Update include:

• Strategies for balanced development that respects environmental conservation and natural resources

• Strategies and guiding principles to promote economic diversity and resilience, supporting local businesses and industries

• Guidelines for maintaining and improving infrastructure to accommodate growth

• Preservation of agricultural lands and heritage and promotion of recreational opportunities

With the release of the draft Growth Policy Update community members, organizations, stakeholders, and federal and state agencies are encouraged to review the document and share their insights. Broadwater County values diverse perspectives and aims to incorporate feedback to ensure that the final policy reflects the collective vision for the County's future.

The draft Growth Policy Update is available for review on the Broadwater County website along with the Future Land Use Designation Map

Comments and feedback can be submitted via email to [email protected] through 3/31/24. Additional public hearings on the Policy will be advertised in MT43 News two weeks in advance of the hearing dates.

For more information and to access the draft Growth Policy, please visit or contact your Broadwater County Commissioners at [email protected].