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Wolves tennis team battles elements in Great Falls

The Three Forks High School Tennis team battled the elements last Friday at the CMR Courts in Great Falls, playing matches against Chinook and Chester-Joplin-Inverness.

"We fought and struggled through cold, wet tennis weather. We spent an hour just trying to get water off the courts with squeegees. It was a high of 41, and you could feel it. But finally, the courts dried up just enough, and we got 23 matches," Head Coach Janna Lauver said.

The Wolves squad ended the day with nine victories.

Karin Williams and Maddie Griffiths won 9-7 over Jenna Liddle and Ashlyn Jensen of Chinook in number-one doubles action.

Lauver said putting Williams and Griffiths up against a strong doubles team from Chinook was essential for challenging them early in the season and getting them to identify their strategies this season. Lauver added they are also trying a new number two doubles team of Claire Cutler and Mikayla Lear and they will have to put the time in together and learn from each other's strengths.

The number one JV doubles team of Tommi Kirwan and Brooke Clayburn had an excellent day for the Wolves with two wins against CJI opponents, with an 8-2 win against Reese Diemert and Tori Otto, and a 6-3 win against Izzy Thielman and Isabelle Blair.

The number two JV doubles team of Violet Donnelly and Lydia Ogeka also had a tremendous day with a 6-1 win over Piper Erickson and Mo Riggin of CJI and an 8-1 win over Kylee Green and Ivey Lenz of Chinook.

The number four JV doubles team of Anna Dabling and Sarah Christman had a 6-3 win against CJI, and the number three JV team of Amanda Wilcox and Ogeka had a 6-4 win against Otto and Diemert.

In varsity action, number three singles player Sarah Christman had a 6-1 win against Rachel Nelson of CJI. Donnelly had a 6-3 win against Erickson at the number two spot in junior varsity action.

The Three Forks junior varsity team will compete on April 11 in Manhattan against Belgrade, and the varsity team will compete on April 12 in Big Timber against Red Lodge and Broadwater (Townsend).

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