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Missing juveniles located in Manhattan

It was a scary situation last week when the Gallatin County Dispatch received a call on April 10 at 6:23 p.m. that stated two juveniles were missing from Manhattan Elementary School.

Manhattan Police Department immediately responded and were ultimately able to locate the missing juveniles on the north side of the Gallatin River, near Yadon Road.

Manhattan Police Officers were not able to reach the cold and wet juveniles due to water conditions and requested Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue (GCSSAR) respond to assist.

GCSAR volunteers from the Valley section, the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Deputies, Manhattan Volunteer Fire Department, and American Medical Response (AMR) responded to assist. Due to the unique area the juveniles were located, multiple rescue plans were formulated to most effectively reach the juveniles quickly.

While GCSSAR volunteers entered the river using inflatable rafts and dry suits, Deputies gained access to the riverbank from the other side of the river. Ultimately, the juveniles were located safely and transferred to an awaiting AMR ambulance, where they were medically evaluated and returned to their parents.

Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer would like to thank all responding agencies for their cooperation and quick response. The effective interagency cooperation led to the best and safest outcome for all parties involved. Sheriff Springer would like to remind Gallatin County Citizens that although the days are becoming warmer, temperatures still drop quickly as the sun sets, and can make a seemingly normal evening turn into an emergency. If you plan on enjoying all that Gallatin County has to offer, prepare accordingly, and always ensure someone knows where you are going and when you will be home.