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School Board Candidate Profile: ROBERT BUCHHOLZ

Could you please provide some background about yourself?

I was born and raised in Bozeman.   I joined the USAF in 1997 and spent 9 years in the service.  After separating from the military, I returned to Montana.  I bought a house and settled in Three Forks in 2012. 

Why are you running for the Three Forks School Board?

When the financial issues came to light, I started regularly attending school board meetings as a citizen and commenting on the issues.  A board member resigned shortly after and I was appointed to the position, and I have been a member of the board since then.  I am running again because I still feel I have more to offer in terms of my experience with regulations, laws and policies. 

If elected, what will be your top priorities?

The top priority for the school is teacher retention.  We have been working on creative ways to make is desirable to stay teaching in Three Forks.  Teachers are the single most important resource to the school, without them nothing else we do matters. 

We have been working over the years to trim the fat in our budgets and use that money to try and keep our salaries and benefits on par with others in the valley. 

If we don't compete, we lose our best teachers to other schools.  My other priorities are continuing to make sure we stay compliant with Federal, State, and local laws as well as our internal policies, and providing the best possible education we can to our students.